The Pastels were formed in the humid summer of 2003, where the hearthtrob siblings formed a musical dynamic duo that persists to this day, but never rose higher than when their 2006 song 'Courtesy Flush' was the number one video on Fuse's 'Daily Download' and was featured on Steven's Untitled Rock Show.  Their cherised deep cuts include 'My Former Life as a Squirrel', 'Bipolar Man', and 'Who The Fuck is Bob Eubanks?' The rumors that they occasionally disguise themselves and play gigs as the homoerotic "Dixon-Butts" country duo is probably not true (editor's note: they're telling me 'definitely' not true 'unless you're into it').

The Pastels released their Greatest Hits (unfortuently only enough for an EP) in 2013 and toured at least seven basements in the greater Longview-Kelso, WA area as their farewell tour. They've contemplated thinking about making a comeback but as they're lazy pieces of shit (Editor's Note: they don't pay me enough to run their site and don't actually know how to access it anyway) who'd rather get hammered and write idiotic joke songs that would embarass a